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Tally Hall Reveals Release Date of Good & Evil

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In announcements made today by Tally Hall and Quack! Media, the release date for their new album “Good & Evil” will be June 21st, 2011.  The release will be through Quack! Media, their first home, who also helped finance and release the quintet’s first album, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.  Concerning their (NOW OFFICIAL) release from Atlantic Records, Andrew (via Twitter) had this to say:

This comes on the heels of a fan-driven campaign on Tally Hall’s Facebook Page, where dozens of fans (starting with O.G. Jennie Sadler) began to tell Tally Hall what they’d do for Good & Evil “tonight.”  Other fans just asked for it sometime this month, or this year, or simply relatively soonish.  The things they’d do ranged from giving copious amounts of money to making a comic book to hosting a party for all the fans.  There’s no telling at this time if all this is what caused the announcement to be made today or not.

Also in the announcement, it was pointed out that all five members will be working together.  This probably wouldn’t phase some fans, but many others have been quite concerned over whether or not Joe was still in the band or if he’d be for the release of this album.  Whatever troubles they were having appears to have been put aside or worked out because all five are ready to go.  I’m guessing there will be some further explanation about Joe’s mysterious absence from the band in 2010, but if not, it’ll probably be forgotten about, knowing he’s back now.

I’m told they’re still finalizing the artwork for the album and we believe the information found in Red Ryder’s materials are still true, so expect more upcoming news concerning the artwork, a summer tour, and possibly some other surprises.


Business Cat Hawley

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