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The Official Tally Hall LiveJournal Community
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The Official LiveJournal Community for Tally Hall Fans.
The official LiveJournal Community for Tally Hall, a wonky rock band out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Current Moderator: LJ User = thisisnotablog (Name: Coz Baldwin)
Got a question? AIM me at Aux Zealot. Please note that I am NOT a member of the band. :)

This community is open to everyone, however only members can post new entries. Anonymous comments on each post are turned ON to anyone browsing, whether they have a LJ account or not. I hope we can keep it that way.

HEY!!! I'm looking for someone to take over this LJ now that I've launched www.hiddeninthesand.com, the Ultimate Tally Hall Fan Headquarters. Please contact me if you're interested in becoming a moderator. Thanks!

Link to us!

Don't like these?
Make your own and if they're pretty enough, I'll include them below as well!

!!! Links !!!

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Official Website..........

Hiddeninthesand.com: The Tally Hall Fan Headquarters..........

Please note that all the other links to Tally Hall's musician profiles, reviews, interviews, live video performances, chatroom, miscellaneous TH-related links, and anything else you could want as a fan have all moved over to hiddeninthesand.com (HITS). Please visit that site for all this AND MORE!

Tally Hall, where are you?! Click here for the current Tally Hall tour schedule.

(Can you believe this section was created so long ago, it only had a few gigs on it at a time and I could keep it maintained myself?)

Social capital

  • less than 10

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